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1Cie, of course, has made numerous enemies, especially loading clients with merchandise (not for free.) But, in Russia, only alternative is SAP R/4. Microsoft Dynamics, Oracle and IBM haven't even 20% collectively, so developers are golden. For other markets the situation is pretty the same, only 1C and SAP is substituted for other two companies.

I will not relate to "How apps looks like" questions because, firstly, apps is different and from different vendors (including precise company-savvy) and "plain" Accounting and Trade could be only to micro-companies. Secondly, there's not only manufacturer apps, but any company can develop their own.

So, what's benefits of 1C as a platform?

1. Object-oriented database.

Simple "Copy()" method could be used for copying a document, for example. Compare to bunch of code in self-written app in C#. Also, the reference consistency is preserved—even if broken, could be repaired by the standard processor.

2. Object-oriented database can morph itself.

If the mission goes to Mars, and there's a need instead of one yes/no "bad partner" attribute for 5 describing the kind of bad, so platform will automatically change the database model and save all precedent data. All is needed is to click-click in Designer. Moreover, if quickly rollback to old app version, yes/no attribute is saved with all of data.

3. The predecessor of SAP:Crystal Reports.

What is sold for extra money by SAP, 1C has by default. The report or print form developing task is available even to receptionist. Yes, there will be programming needed, but there's no need for break-down spec of rows' height to tax invoice.

4. DCS (Data Composition System)

User reports designing system. Wanna group sales by partners? Click-click, no programming. Totals by partners? Too. Sales peer-to-peer as pivot table? Too. Filter? Already. Colorise? Just name the colour.

5. Managed Application and Taxi interface.

For one side, interface is automatically rearranged by the user's access rights settings. Some lacunes, footprints of rearranging? Nope.

For the other, the app could be opened in the browser. Yes, in the browser from anywhere in the world, if the rights is granted, of course. Looks exactly the same. Almost no difference, albeit hotkeys of the browser.

6. Accounting Register, Calculation Register.

Do accounting by any country standard? Of course some programming is required, but there's no a database object problem. So no, not like SAP: you have elementary records, wrap them in code and write anything. Accounting Register fully supports Russian accounts alignment as well as US GAAP complex transactions. And there even masking the number of account by default.

The same to Calculation Register. This is for periodic calculations, including compensation, that has a main event and displacing it additionals. Standard method calculates the amount of hours in the main event. But you don't need to break in parts in the prime record, it even not recommended.

Therefore, 1C platform exceed all present by quality. Why 1C doesn't conquered the world still? Because of State lobby, and CIS is conquered, by the way. But, in Russia, there's a problem when the project budget is lower than SAP one, still requiring all the features. Of course it's not right. Yes, a beautiful 1C app cost in developing the same as an ugly SAP one, but not cheaper.
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For the truth of it, Legal is pretty easy science, even not the last, but a knowledge base. Lawyers (graduated or not) are also redundant.

It's out to just state, that, for example, if there's a murder and a man wearing a red hat went by — he is a killer. Punishment should be on him. Contrary, if a oppressed-slave-originated Black went by — he is clearly innocent.

The problem is where four went by the murder site: oppressed-slave-originated Black, Morocco Black, Sephardi Jew and Caucasian. All wearing red hats. Though I know, who will be guilty in the States.

The problem is solved by appointing dedicated persons — Judges. They somehow make judgement. Though, they have no affairs in containing the normal society, and it's problematic to set a duty. Because, then it's about to introduce the Evidence School, and, as we remember: lawyers are redundant.

From that, the judges make judgement taking bribes. But probably, they don't: comment your answer. There's another problem: the nation is unwilling to get through the courts by giving bribes. Because, it's pretty easy to find the red hat (you understand this is not the only criteria), and then being oppressed-slave-originated Black doesn't save you from the trial.

The problem is solved by introducing paid courts and praejudicialis. Maybe, the praejudicialis isn't introduced for that, I don't know. But the neat is: if there a trace of crime, then without sentence resolution the civil case will be left without remedy. And the police (the prosecutor) could easily deny the filing (at least in Russian Federation).

So, as you all see, Legal is very easy knowledge base and lawyers are redundant.
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Продолжаю серию переводов на английский очередным переводом моей старой конкурсной работы


Continuing to post a Russian-to-English translation of my contest's work.

The original

The Coin of Superstition

This gold coin looks pretty like any other. This other is for the state it found in. Though it worth really more than gold it contains in.

At first, if toss the coin and hold in the mind two variants the owner can do for observe and reverse, the coin will flip to the most favourable (for the coin point of view). The answer for "Nothing" is staying on the edge, for "No answer" is holding in air.

At second, "Money makes money" and "In for the penny, in for the pound". The character who bears the coin in his pouch holds it place when paying, he will get a chance to earn more money.

At third, the coin magnifies the good superstitions. For instance, if it's considered favourable in the game world to bear the bundle of reeds for hunting, then doing so will be lucky. It could be even a D&D3.x's True Strike on every attack while hunting (tr. comm. that was back in time, now I think it should be 6/day standard action spell-like.)

On other side, the bearer will be affected by the bad superstition. For instance, if character have crossed a black cat's path he will be cursed (for example, as usual effect of Bestow Curse.)

The owner could be and as usual do not aware of the coin's power. But become the owner deliberately almost impossible: the coin which doesn't like the new owner teleports to the old, and in pile of gold it cannot be distinguished from others (tr. comm. It guiles even Detect Magic and True Seeing, it's a rogue artefact after all.) On other hand, the coin can be lured by a great luck, or beat the past owner in the gamble, where the coin was the stake — the coin really favours this process.

After long partnership with the owner, the last will more trust the luck than his own, and he could feel uneasy not bearing it.
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Продолжаю серию переводов на английский очередным переводом моей старой конкурсной работы


Continuing to post a Russian-to-English translation of my contest's work.

The original

The Motion Day

This town, called Mobile, take place on the lake's shore. As expected from the Nature, the lake is not Good or Evil: it lives his own life. The lake is rich in precious fish, and its shores' the same way in minerals. But every a hundred years the shores change unexpectedly. The rock above the lake surface can become a bottom 10 meters deep. Because of that, the town motions to a new place.

It starts with roof tile fly in the air, following with housetops and the bricks. They circling in whirlwinds and slowly get to the new place. The whirl than slowly unwind, placing bricks in the right order, then rooftops fly down, following with tiles.

Is it a magic? Indeed. But any magic has to be created. And the created magic needs control, otherwise the outcome could be a woe.

But no magicians live in Mobile: only artisans and traders. But even if some would live, the Motion occurs only once a hundred years, and not ever a generation would witness it.

There where The Motion Day aroused: that is the day citizens learn to move the town and share the knowledge to the young.

Wide khorovods, albeit doesn't work to share the knowledge, also became an mojo of this celebration. The holidays last for seven days, and every day the khorovod is happen in every town quarter of six present. On the seventh day all the citizens and visitors of the town held the khorovod circumvented all the town. By an old custom, the circle of khorovod is marked, and all the next year the houses of the town cannot be placed outside it. The seventh day is the pinnacle of the celebration, and big khorovod is the pinnacle of seventh day.

The transport magicians come from everywhere to the celebrations and hold a fair. All the six days of the celebration the citizens order bricks from them to build houses for the next year.

Taking roots in this fairs, the days is for the weddings. And bricks are a usual gift for the newlyweds.

The young is trained on the field outside the city limits. The magicians as a fair enter fee charm interim houses, built by the young. Then the young, under guidance of citizens, try to move them a hundred meters. On the seventh day they showcase their skills moving them all along.

Children plays on the shoreside: they build sand castles and try to "move" them by hands. Usually they fail, but do not lose the spirit.

All the customs are here to ensure citizens they can move the town in the need. And, accordingly, since the first celebration no houses was left unmoved.


• To little of guest has come to the town in recent years, and the Major calls to the party to gather more people: the seventh day khorovod probably will not circumvent the town and some houses off the limit should be destroyed.
• The party need the attention of famous magician, specializing in transport magic, but when the party get to his tower, they discover he is already teleported to the celebration.
• Rich family, left the town once upon the time, want to spend their last years in the motherland. But they afraid they might be not welcomed. They invented a cover plot: come and participate to the celebrations with the party as guests, then declare the fact they are citizens and even participated in The Motion Day. The party is here to make a buzz and the family will sneak behind their backs, to disclose not they are came not as guests.


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