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I'm really sick of mainstream Glass Ceiling articles, so here's another one. I will try to list problems keeping you under the ceiling, and you will take it with the grain of salt.

Ordinary Employees Paying Price

One of worse thing might happen to a consultant is when bill is signed by line managers or even below.

From On-Set Breakdown you should know the hour rate of a consultant is high, even when he earns the same as line employee, not manager. Therefore, the person to sign shall be the person who:
1. Earns above the rate
2. Able to perceive the good of a consultant's work.

How to deal: Take a routine to walk by to one of top managers room during your visit, and ask him to sign instead.

Refusal could be seen as the way to push you earn low.

Asking Too Low

Going along ordinary employees' babble, you might ask too low.

The problem is, most clients use price range as the first filter. And you would not get into the train.

Researching fair price could be hard, if you haven't access to advertising board of other consultants.

How to deal: Instead, do these...

1. Calculate the gain from your advices. Take clients for calculation as high as you can reach,
2. Lower the sum calculated per year twice or thrice and take as project price,
3. If there is no bids to your ask, first go on advertising, then lower further.

Not an All-In Solution

It's amazing how times more can cost a solution encompassing several consulting works. And, at the same time, how low is the risk of wrong advice.

The last is the cause why it costs more.

How to deal: Find partners in all knowledge bases close to yours. Keep business cards.

When approaching a client now, think of complex solution.

Failing to Attend Internet

Clients usually inhabit small subset of Internet, and hanging within, and take inspiration and business ideas from it.

How to deal: Find it!

Failing to Improve

One last piece is about constant improvement. Even if world progress would stop, which will not happen for at least a half-century from now, you shall achieve new heights in your career.

And since the progress will not stop, you should keep the pace.

How to deal: Find at least two blog-style sites, and numerous information based. Browse them as a routine.


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