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Many of you have heard of Churchill resignation. Even if not, you have heard the very similiar story of your own country.

It was easily imagined a man who realises he doesn't fit the job, and resigns.

With years passed, and Information Age coming in, this process has became less common. I can now remember resignation only as the cause to take othr position.


What A Wonderful Country

What a wonderful country would be where a politician resigns when he cannot fulfil his obligation or when she doesn't agree with the order issued on her!

Isn't it?

Therefore why we live in the world where resignation is rare. Doesn't it mean we live in worse world than we can?

Subjugation Problem

If you are subjugated, the resignation might be seem a good solution for proving you were right. The routine is simple:

1. Resign, exclaiming prophecy.
2. Do ordinary life off the job.
3. Prophecy happens.
4. You are triumphed and restored to your job.
5. Or higher.

Even the leaders of a country are subjugated to the people. And it might be a good solution for them. Nope?

The main problems are:

1. You cannot be expected to gain a new job with a decent pay.
2. You cannot be expected to restore to your job, if you are proven right.
3. You might even lose fortune, being off the job.

These are the crucial problems, especially the 3rd.

This is why it's rare for the current world to see resignation often.

What are we missing

We miss certain governmental technique to protect people.

The technique doesn't need essentially be for restoring to job, or even higher, as I believe in free competition. But for governmental jobs there sure must be. Also for military or law enforcement, where you cannot expect the free competition.

But first of all the technique shall protect people and guarantee at least decent job in case of resignation. Which is surely not the case.


I really hope to see more resignation in the future. It will be a sign of a good Government arosed.
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