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Поскольку ЛинкедИн до сих пор заблокирован, продолжаю публиковать статьи тут

Russians has repeated proverb "a man with a full belly thinks no one is hungry", or talking Biblical, Matthew 19:24, Mark 10:25, Luke 18:25, almost the identical: "It is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle, than for a rich man to enter into the kingdom of God."

It's already funny, there's no John quote in the stock. As figurative and symbolical John could easily be imagined saying these words.

Possibly, because it's not an easy problem, let's name it: scarce versus rich, and even ordinary burger can be considered having rich conditions, while high-ranked military officer is deemed scarce.

Once again, it's really hard to one-sider to comprehend another one. If you hear about some strange decisions, please, remember this article.

I will overlook the sources of scarceness and richness, in brief.


The most valuable resource.

A land where no people are A-graders, or, in contrary, where there's many of those, can easily be imagined.

In second case, there would be strict or possibly whim-like conditions on promotion. Which is not always good. So this land can be viewed as place of opportunity to open business, or, inverse, as doomed land with cacocracy.

In land of first case, subsequently, can be as well doomed by poor minds, or rejoicing the foreigners and growing with stern discipline.

Surplus in people is deemed harmful, unless you can force laws to work less hours a day, and still the people would be highly competitive to each other, as hardly anyone wants to do a cleaning job having lawyer diploma.

I will reject the urge to connect this observation with real world lands.


Knowledge is a resource too. Wield it and you are up to do hard work.

But in young age you cannot expect to have much knowledge, nevertheless keen mind can achieve success in young age. So what scarce of knowledge prevents?

It deems the scarce person to do try-and-repeat to achieve the same, the knowledge. It could be costly in terms of competitive strategy.

Surplus of knowledge is almost always harmless, unless you are afraid of the world you could see now.


The most trickiest of resources.

What can you do if you haven't money to pay for Internet, for rent, for car? Possibly, I won't be ever writing this articles if I haven't Internet access. Still, I'm unable to pay my rent, and forced to share the flat.

If you have much more money, you can hire a maid, saving you up to 3 hours each day. You can outsource half of your work, if you haven't already. If the last, you are already rich in money.

Big surplus in money brings opportunities and problems of their own. You could be forced to fasting security measures, or hire experts to deal with your problems every other day.


The strange resource.

As Revolution theorists frequently note: "Just order as you have full power, and they'll obey."

Though, it's hard to command spontaneously not in a big mess, the Revolution is like. There are always chain of command known to the most, and punishment force to return the river in its banks. So the position is a resource.

As scarce position problems are now clear, forward to rich ones. First, quoting Spider-Man, with big power comes big responsibility. Second, big position eats time in bulks. Third, there's efforts to keep the status quo.

Surplus in position could be deadly, as falling from the pyramids top could be deadly. Could not. I don't know what of two Viktor Yanokovich is example.


It's simple: before giving advice or judge someone, make sure you know his scarces or riches.
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