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When you just cannot give it away

Can you imagine going to a physician, and not paying a thing? Oh, well, ObamaCare pays for you.

It's harder than just a mental exercise. Any consultant can work for free, as words doesn't cost a thing, but would he?

There's fixed cost of nourishing, lodging, self-improving, entertaining, and profiting. These are essential to every man or woman. And they must be paid. The last constitutes consulting cost.

But could I lower the price?


Firstly, you train your customers to pay low, to beg discount, or to pose cheap. The price could varies on the income of a customer, but it's must be based on real data, not just overlooking the dress.

Secondly, any variation in price shall be preferably paid by some being. Else you could easily run into unpaid bills for you.

Once again: it's really bad to drop the price. Whether you are a single person or a company. It hurts the business and doesn't pay your bills.

Another question is how to set the price (as it could float to the extremes.) It's best to know the market, your place on this, and your concurrents. But it is perfectly huge topic, I cannot answer in this article.

Customer Service

Sometimes consulting is posed as a customer service. What's the difference?

Firstly, it's pre-paid in bundle with other products. This means limits on time and efforts spend on single customer. They may be pretty high, compared to literal price of a unit, but the head office ordering Customer Service shall take measures to not overbook.

Secondly, it's sold by Freebies in Real Production rules, as part of a unit. Even if unit is Intellectual Property as Windows 10, the Customer Service cannot be free off the charge. Someone must pay.

Happily, there are always many sides interesting in Customer Service, and it almost always possible to find one to pay. But the restrictions on the customers might be set.

Dip into Intellectual Property

What if you would built a database with automatic search by question, and sell it?

Viola, you are on IP side of freebies now. And can distribute it for free (for some.)

Essentially, every teaching on juniors, writing a spec or an instruction, or recording a primer, is a dip into IP. And this is exactly how consulting can lower the price.


If you do consulting, never drop the price.

I said before, and I'll repeat: someone must pay. Unless, you step into IP side. In this case make sure a consumer is informed that it isn't customised, neither precise, and customised and precise can be found at your office.
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