Jun. 5th, 2017

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POTUS is considered the most death dangerous job in USA. Other country set less restrictions on their leaders. The President for this text is the leader of the country.

Does We Need to Protect the President?


The civil process requires at least one person to make the decisions. The most highest and extreme ones are better to be made by one person, though they can be overturned by the legislative body. This modus operandi was created as yearly as the legislative body, and track back to either Elizabethian or post-Civil War times.

Therefore, the only person tasked with immediate decisions should be protected, else he cannot.

Can We?

Let's look at current defences.

Video Surveillance in Public Places

Already implemented.

Allows for an automatic face recognition, including search for early not present.

Can be done in a statictical way: only computer doing the search knows who it finds. Therefore, the others haven't the keys to do totalitarian state out of the country.

X-Ray Scanning for Dangerous Objects

Already implemented.

Allows for search of hidden objects: firearms, explosives, even knives.

Can be done in a statistical way, using machine learning.

Automotive Remote Control

Now implementing.

Allows for emergency brakes of a car or a train.

Can be done in a statistical way, using machine learning.

Secret and Overt Patrols

Always been.

Allows for human interruption of the attack.

Requires money, privilegies and organisation to enmass the manpower.

Personal Defences

Always been.

Allows for personal protection, but leaves the weak points, nevertheless.

Not a perfect solution, but can be enchanced with other defences.

Personal Firearms on Every Person

Tried, doesn't help.

Firearms requires body and mind qualities to work properly. Even then, it's better to leave it to security, and cover&duck by yourself.

What's the Potential?

No one POTUS was killed since Kennedy, and no death attempts was made since Reagan. Despite many haters of Bush, the younger, and Clinton.

Despite alleged manhunt on Putin, it hadn't reached the conclusion.

The last British PM was assassinated in 1812 year.

It tells me, it's almost completely impossible to kill a leader of the country, else during the Revolution.

Therefore, it's possible to protect.


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