Jun. 2nd, 2017

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There are 12 different armour types, and 37 different weapon types in PHB of the 5th edition. Of course, each of them can be magical and has different additional properties.

Unsurprisingly, some arms are inferior to other, still they exist. Why?

Fundamental RPG Systems Law

All game systems drift to be simulationistic.

There are 3 agendas, they can mix, but everyone at the table wants to be in real simulation, despite can he do his part or not.

Moreover, Internet and deconstruction of the games threat any controversial simulation.

Once again: to be in simulation you must simulate by yourself, and usually you choose the system with interesting agenda that you can simulate within as much as possible.


Trivia: to make chainmail by chaining the chains one-by-one manually, you need more than ten times more work than for plate. Which question the authenticity of medieval chaimails. And they are inferior to plate. Though, it's better to wear both chainmail and full plate.

Why is a chainmail ever an entry in armour table? Wait a minute.

Pre-Industrial Production

It's handmade, custom and unstable in quality.

You can buy Lumia in any part of the world, and it differs only by pre-installed OS version, which can be easily changed. But you can't do this with medieval armour.

Therefore there should be inferior armour, but for a modern person it means it's of different type!

That's why.

Accordingly, 4 types of heavy armour can be imagined as Full Plate 4th to 1st classes. But for the sake of comprehending, it has different names.


Weapons takes different course: they are divided into simple and martial, the last not all characters are proficient. Category of exotic is also rumoured.

The weapons are different in qualities and damage, as well as price, so it's hard to rate a group inferior to an other. Though, warhammer and greatclub, for example, make a pair.

It's good rule of thumb to lower damage die type if the weapon is inferior. Though it requires to shift weaponry around the table, either to accomodate to simple, or make it all martial. You completely can rate wieldy longsword as simple, for instance.


D&D might be not the best system to simulate hand-to-hand combat, but you can easily imagine it to simulate the trades of medieval times.

And don't play the ordinary version of Sword Coast Legends!


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