May. 15th, 2017

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You've got a million idea, so what? Go ahead and implement, why do you look at me like that?

But what exactly is your idea?

Brilliant Idea

There is brilliant ideas, or precisely, there was. An idea like that is called a major invention, and requires knowledge base and skills to just came by.

Therefore, it seems like you are not having the brilliant idea. If you nevertheless think so, try to walk to an intellectual property lawyer, and check patents on seemingly yours idea.

Need of Money

Essentially you are stuck with need of money. If you can pull it by mortgage or saving your money, this is not a problem. But do you know how exactly much money you need?

The initial investments in a service business includes, at minimum spendings, almost 50% of management expenses.

You can pull them off if you have a room for an office equiped with a computer and business software, but the only fact you use this room for a business requires the law help to comply with regional legislation.

You can cetaintly find a partner in law area, partner in tech area, and partner in executive area, but what would you do in such a business? If you do, than you can join the funds of the partners to fuel your expenses. The classification differs from 5 areas of management because we are talking partners now.

Need for Management Expenses

This includes not only salary of an executive, who can be replaced with yourself. Instead, it includes small things like accounting software, the custom company's articles...

By the way, do you know how much you can pull off the custom company's articles? You can emblaze your power over power of investors, you can make a room for future investments, or can just solve the deadlock.

Business costs might seem tremendous for an unprepared person, as they are tax deductible, and used at large scale accounts to less than 10%.

Remember, you can spend company's capital, including minimal, on assets, inventory, and salaries, as long as it doesn't reduce the accumulated value below state minimum.

The List

You will certainly need the following either offset by your partners, or bought:

1. Registration of a company with the custom articles
2. Office or/and Internet site. If you use your living space you need to legalise it
3. Accounting software, if the state doesn't supply it
4. Accountant
5. Legal papers to make company function
6. Sample contracts for the company's main business
7. Legal help with contracts you sign on behalf of the company
8. Utility bills
9. Secretary or online secretary
10. Advertisement, Internet or offline, context or broadband

This is not a complete list.


Or maybe your idea is a fraud? Then I cannot help you much, since I know little.

But one thing: Do not do this. It is against the law. Even you thinking of it as fraud can be enough to convict you in some countries.

But nevertheless, you will need to spend much on management expenses.


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