Apr. 15th, 2017

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It seems natural if you ask consultant over the phone an advice on your problem, you easily circumvent On-Set Breakdown?

Not so.

Problem One: At Distance Meaning Verbal-Only Communication

There are consultants who use one verbal channel of communication, but they take times more time to get into your shoes. Of course, if you wield over the phone a consultant who knows you well, you can use only verbal communication. But why isn't she on salary then?

What I do: I'm trying to get into silent room before conversation, and to concentrate as much as possible on every melody (as I'm deaf to tones) of the chatter.

Problem Two: At Distance Meaning Cannot Get a Peek

What more in it, is the thing the consultant over the phone cannot get a peek on your surroundings. What means he must relate to your recourse of the situation. Which is not always correct point-to-point, isn't it?

You might even don't know this and this thing are of high importance.

What I do: I'm always trying to ask simple question after each exchange just to make sure we are still on the same boat.

Problem Three: There's no Sureness in the Answer

Giving above, it's completely impossible to insure the answer, as you as the client always expect from a consultant.

Indeed, if the problem is solved at instance of a call, say, you finally made the transaction or found the stocks ticker, it is insured, isn't it?

Not so, it could be not the best or even the right answer and it's impossible on consultant's side to determine these.

What I do: I always act a walkie-talkie and do the line: "It's not completely sure, and could be fixed as proved if I can make a visit to you." It's not an extreme marketing as many think, just a customer service.

Why people afraid to invite over the consultant?

It seems to me like there is huge, tremendous, not to say more, stratification by quality among consultants. And price tag doesn't help.

In such environment, many, after one or two mistakes, prefer to go on by trying and talk to as many consultants as possible. Which, in turn, produce aforesaid results.

It's better to screen consultants before, and then invite over. Which is hard, because not many business captains can screen.


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